They gave for our country. It's time to give back.

They gave for our country. It's time to give back.

Our mission

For the Vets' mission is to demonstrate gratitude for retired veterans through community acts of kindness and generosity. How do we do this? By organizing charitable activities and spreading information about veteran businesses ownership and support.


Retired veterans often lack the essentials needed to sustain a high quality of life. Donations made to For the Vets help provide essentials, like soap and shirts, to veterans around the nation.


It has been proven that member-centered, therapeutic, and leisure-focused programs can decrease depression, anxiety, and behaviors for veterans. Donations made to For the Vets go to programs like these.


It's difficult to return to civilian life after war. Donations made to For the Vets allow communities and individuals to support and demonstrate gratitude for those who served.


"This is a great opportunity to both honor our team members and demonstrate to our veterans that their service to our country is not forgotten. We are proud to do our part to help bring needed items to the men and women who have given so much for our country."

- David, Initiative Donor

Stay tuned for the details on our next For the Vets charitable initiative. We organize various initiatives throughout the year to benefit veterans in need. Donations are accepted throughout the year, even when specific initiatives are not running.

100% of all donations will directly benefit For the Vets initiatives. For the Vets is supported by volunteers, and we have no overhead costs.

If you would like to discuss donation options that are not listed on our website, please email us at

Donate Another way

Donate via check

Please read the following donation instructions carefully. Checks should be made out to "For the Vets" and should be mailed to JetCo Solutions at 5575 Kraft Avenue SE, Suite 100, Grand Rapids, MI 49512. Prior to mailing in your check, please fill out the following donation form by clicking the button below. Thank you for your contribution!

Many generous people genuinely want to support veterans, yet they don’t know how to channel this support to demonstrate their gratitude. We help by directing donations to a variety of veteran support organizations.

Thank You to our donors

Those who donate to For the Vets make a difference for Michigan veterans. The 2020 initiative was successful because generous people care about veterans. There is still much work to be done to support these facilities and their tenants. That is why our donor support is so important. We want to extend our thanks to those who have donated during our first initiative:

  • Darryl Niven, Cornerstone Consulting Organization
  • Jewish War Veterans of USA
  • Nick and Martha DeMiro
  • Ron Knipping
  • DK Security
  • Kelly and Rob Frazer
  • New Eagle Consulting
  • Suburban Bolt and Supply
  • Double A Inspections
  • Lori Birman
  • NuWave Technology Partners

Questions? Donation ideas?